FLORESTARE - Plant a seed for a better world!

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Florestare - Plant a seed for a better world!

Brazil São Paulo
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
Portuguese version (see below english version): Qualquer pessoa pode participar do projeto Florestare - "Plante uma Semente por um Mundo Melhor!Você pode comprar sua árvore e ajudar a formação da Floresta da Florestare, que é a sua floresta, a nossa Floresta, a Floresta de nosso planeta, através do link www.florestare.com.br Para que mais pessoas possam fazer parte dessa Floresta e ela ficar maior, faça um vídeo contando que você plantou sua árvore com a @florestareoficial e convide um ou mais amigos no facebook/instagram a fazerem o mesmo. É UMA CORRENTE DO BEM! e/ou você pode simplesmente apoiar nosso projeto, através da corrente do bem que já existe, e gravar um vídeo marcando a @florestareoficial e dizendo como você planta uma semente por um mundo melhor com gestos de gentileza, por exemplo e convidar 03 amigos a fazerem o mesmo. Divulgue em nosso facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FlorestareOficial/Veja como o Rogério Flausino (Jota Quest) apoiou nosso projeto!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuXxdppmF8Y Anyone can participate in the forestry project-"Plant a seed for a better world!You can buy your tree and help the formation of the Forest of the forest, which is its forest, our forest, the forest of our planet, through the link www.florestare.com.br  CURRENT OF THE GOOD - Make more people be part of this forest and it make it bigger. Make a Video counting that you have planted your tree with the @florestareoficial and invite one or more friends on Facebook/Instagram to do the same. It's a chain of good! JOIN OUR CURRENT OF THE GOOD! and/or you can simply support our project through the current of the good that already exists, and record a video marking the @florestareoficial and saying how you plant a seed for a better world with gestures of kindness, for example and invite 03 friends to do the Same. Advertise on our Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FlorestareOficial/ See how Rogério Flausino (Jota Quest) supported our project!Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuXxdppmF8Y
16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
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Ateliê de Eventos www.ateliedeeventos.com.br

About FLORESTARE - Plant a seed for a better world!

we offer the opportunity for each person to plant a seed in a tube. For each planted seed, we plant a tree sapling and help reforest the planet. We foster a current of good by inviting each participant of the project to record a video telling that they have planted a seed for a better world and call/invite their friends to do the same. We encourage the kindness, the reforestation and the certainty that each of us has to do their part and that this is easier than it seems. When planting a tree, the person becomes part of a real forest and contributes directly to a better world and to ODS15 of the ONU.

Many people, multinational companies, schools and events have already participated in the project "Foreste" and were impacted with the incentive to reforestation, with awareness, reflection on the diversity of people and others. We have already taken our project to important companies such as UOL, Louis Dreyfus, important fairs of Sao Paulo, as well as events in the streets of the city, as the sustainable turn.