We have 10 years to transform our world. Together we can end extreme poverty, win the race against climate change and conquer injustice and gender inequality. The Decade of Action aims to create an unstoppable force to reach the Goals by 2030. It’s time to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals for people and for the planet.

Across the world all kinds of people from civil society organizations, schools, local governments, libraries, scouts, citizen science networks, youth groups, church groups, service clubs, private companies, student associations, United Nations offices, and many more are joining the Act4SDGs movement.

From 20-30 September they led their communities in cleanups, demonstrations, campaigns, exhibits, conferences, innovation labs, parades, art installations, tree planting, pageants, radio talk shows, and twitter chats to get people taking action for the SDGs and to be part of building a better future #forpeopleforplanet. Their collective action has sent a loud message to world leaders that people everywhere stand behind the SDGs.


Over 50 Million people took action worldwide in over 1,000 cities and
125 countries

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Put your Action on the map for the Global Day to Act4SDGs on 25 September 2020