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A Turning Point for People and Planet
Global Week to Act for SDGs

COVID-19 is turning our lives upside down. People all around the world are taking to the streets and joining in solidarity for a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine and create a better future.

One that is more equal. More active on climate change. That ends poverty. And protects health.

We have the universal plan we need for a just and sustainable recovery from the pandemic: the Sustainable Development Goals.

This year especially bold transformation can and must be achieved. Join millions of people and organizations everywhere to take action for the Goals and to demand governments stick to the plan.

This is a turning point for people and the planet. Let’s turn it in the right direction, and recover better together!

In our bid to have no action left behind we are now working to capture actions taken for the Goals throughout the year and to visualise these creatively, feeding them back to decision makers at key moments of influence such as the UN General Assembly.


TOGETHER WE CAN #TurnItAround for the SDGS

How will you take action?

  • Communicate

    Raise awareness of SDG issues and get informed

    Example actions: Host a ‘turning point’ dialogue, share key facts, host educational webinars, teach SDG lessons in schools and get creative through arts & culture.

  • Advocate

    Raise your voice and hold leaders to account

    Example actions: Start a letter writing campaign, demonstrate (if you can do so safely), sign petitions, join campaigns by local NGOs and post demands on social media using your voice

  • Activate

    Organize an (online) event and mobilize your community to take direct action for the Goals

    Example Actions: Organise a beach or park clean up, tree planting drive, volunteer at your local foodbank or take part in community climate actions.