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On 25 September 2015 world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals: 17 goals that define a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Each year on the anniversary of this historic day we call upon citizens, institutions, and organizations around the world to ACT 4 SDGs in a global day of action.


We challenge organizations and individuals around the world to come together for a global day, take concrete actions, and to expand these actions to others, bringing new people to #Act4SDGs in their work, homes and civic lives. This year the Global Day to #Act4SDGs coincides with the opening day of the High-Level Debate of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 73).


For the SDGs to be achieved in all countries, people everywhere from all sectors in society must play an active role. The Global Day to #Act4SDGs is a moment to celebrate actions being taken everywhere to move us closer to the SDG targets for a better world. It is also a day to mobilize thousands of institutions, organizations and citizens to take concrete actions, reaffirming the shared global commitment for the achievement of the SDGs.

Through the Global Day to #Act4SDGs, we can help build this momentum. Each action that is registered becomes part of a global network of ideas and examples for others to follow. We aim to support people of all ages,from different sectors and cultural backgrounds to have a voice on SDGs, and to help hold governments to account for their promises to achieve the SDGs by 2030. We will also challenge all of you to show the world how you are taking action.


The global day Live Studio at the United Nations Headquarters in New York will feature different ways key partners, governments, companies, organisations, UN country teams and individuals around the world are joining in the Global Day to #Act4SDGs.

The platform will challenge participants to register their plans to help build a global map of SDG Actions. The global map is a crowdsourced list of concrete collective and individual actions people can take, join, or replicate to #Act4SDGs around the globe.

A photo & video challenge will encourage participants across the world to share their story of how they #Act4SDGs.

We believe that every second there is someone somewhere moving the SDGs forward. Start planning your action and building momentum to #Act4SDGs.


The UN SDG Action Campaign, Action for Sustainable Development and national coalitions of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) have joined forces to promote a global campaign to raise awareness and encourage SDGs action among citizens – you!

Businesses, national and local governments, organizations, universities, and any individual working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals are welcome to join the Global Day to #Act4SDGs.

YOU own the SDGs. Your actions – both big and small can help.

On the Global Day to #Act4SDGs help turn the plan into action & promises into reality.

Find out below how you can take action for Sustainable Development and make a difference.


For more information contact: support@sdgactioncampaign.org

YOU own the SDGs. Your actions - both big and small can help.

On the Global Day to #Act4SDGs help turn the plan into action & promises into reality.