Bringing Together Environmentally Focused Groups with an Eco Hub Launch in Rother, UK

Healing balm making, one pot cookery, recycling old t-shirts – and more! 🧑‍🍳 Community Supporters, an environmental education charity based in Rother, UK, recently opened its first Eco Hub to provide a space for guest sellers and other environmentally focused groups to meet and run activities. The charity aims to advance the education of environmental […]

Japanese artist explores overcoming pollution through performance art video

Japanese artist Colorhythm Risa has produced a performance video that tells the story of how one small town overcame their troubles with pollution. Risa says the 4-minute long presentation, which features an engaging paint performance by the artist companied by storied narration, tells the story of how women in the town of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture […]

Summer camp bridges fun in the outdoors with educational opportunities

For many, camping is an opportunity to get back in touch with nature and enjoy the outdoors. 🏕️ YMCA Japan has taken that concept to the next level by integrating people’s fondness of nature with educational opportunities to learn about marine biodiversity. The SDG Leaders camp, which took place in September, provided participants opportunities to […]

Local youth get training on United Nations’ 2030 agenda

Officials in the city of Cochabamba, central Bolivia, have recently launched a social and cultural training campaign to familiarize local youth on the Sustainable Development Goals. 🌎 Designed as a blue print for peace and prosperity for people and planet, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) support human rights through combating poverty, climate action, justice, strong […]

New initiative seeks better urban planning for more sustainable living

Representatives from cities across Malaysia are getting together in a new sustainable development initiative. 👏🏼 With the mission of localizing a sustainable urban agenda, participating cities are hoping to foster community resilience by implementing actions and urban solutions that improve lives and planet. ☮️ Read more about the initiative here: URBANICE Malaysia

Climate Justice Forum brings women together to tackle climate and social injustice

Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN) hosted a Climate Justice Forum in New York City. 💭 The three-day event brought together a diverse group of women to join in solidarity as they spoke out against environment and social injustices that so many now face. ✊ #FlipTheScript #Act4SDGs Social media promotion: (263 characters)Conversation to change […]

Hawaii launches state-wide public-private sustainable goals initiative

The state of Hawaii has launched a comprehensive public-private dashboard to increase transparency to deliver the global United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 💚 The Aloha+ Challenge focuses on six priority goals – clean energy transformation, local food production, natural resource management, solid waste reduction, smart sustainable communities, and green workforce and education. The dashboard […]

Creating Pocket Parks in Pefki, Greece

Meet the busy bees of The 4th Primary School of Pefki saving our ecosystems! 🐝 After discussing the #Act4SDGs, 25 students at The 4th Primary School of Pefki, Greece decided to offer something positive to the environment – and to themselves. The young climate activists planted rosemary and lavender to create a pocket park ecosystem […]

Making Way for Wildlife in Honolulu, Hawaii

Employees at Lubrco dedicated time to restore the waterways 🌊 of Honolulu. Volunteers waded through deep water with smiles on their face, removing non-indigenous plant species to make space for the return of Hawaii’s wildlife. Lubrco is invested in being a sustainable supply chain manufacturer for the islands of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. Guided […]