The 2020 edition of the Global Week to Act for SDGs will take place 19-26 September. The dates are set each year to include the September 25th anniversary of the adoption of the SDGs and to take place while world leaders meet at the UN General Assembly (virtually this year).Events and actions planned in the days before and after this week may also be included as part of this global mobilization.

All organizations and individuals from all sectors of society are encouraged to join by planning actions or events during the week that contribute to one or all of the SDGs. Participants register by filling in the online form, which creates a page about their action on the website and adds it to the global map of actions. Each year a broad spectrum of people take part from: civil society organizations, grassroots groups, individuals, faith-based organizations, museums, schools, local and national governments, private sector, service clubs, youth groups,  artists, social enterprises, activists and academics from around the world.

You may register any event or community action which aims to address one or more of the SDGs. The objective is to bring together the broadest spectrum of events, conferences, demonstrations, petitions, campaigns, local actions, etc to create a huge groundswell of global action towards the achievement of the SDGs. Past editions of the Global Week included demonstrations and stunts in front of government buildings,neighborhood or beach cleanups, tree planting, museum exhibits, school art projects,concerts, runs/walks/treks to raise funds and awareness, community garage sales, online and offline campaigns and much more. For inspiration, explore example actions on Trello. The actions can be as creative as you are!

In building a global movement, promoting your action or event can be as important as the action itself. In the lead up to, during and after the event, capture and share images, video and stories about your action on social media using the hashtag #TurnItAround and #Act4SDGs to help make your action count and share your action with the world. Be sure to explain how this year is a TURNING POINT for the issues you are working on or for you, your network.

Select “Edit Participant Information” from the bottom of the left navigation bar found on your action profile page. You will be prompted to enter your email address. Once the address is entered, a link will be sent to your email, from which you can directly edit all information found on your action profile page. To add an additional action to your page, select the “Add Another Action” button found at the bottom of the editing page.