Video Guide

Record and share a video

COVID-19 is turning our lives upside down. People all around the world are taking to the streets and joining in solidarity for a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine and create a better future.

One that is more equal. More active on climate change. That ends poverty. And protects health.

We have the universal plan we need for a just and sustainable recovery from the pandemic: the Sustainable Development Goals.

This September 18-26, 2020 while world leaders meet virtually at the UN General Assembly, join millions of people and organizations everywhere to take action for the Goals and to demand governments stick to the plan. This is a turning point for people and the planet. Let’s turn it in the right direction, and recover better together!

Join the #TurnItAround campaign by sharing a short video statement.


  • What about this current moment makes this a turning point / unique moment in our history?
  • How has Covid-19 turned the world upside down for key issues you / your community care about?
  • What can people do to show solidarity and act now?
  • What will be your contribution for people and planet this September?


You can use the following sample script or use it as inspiration for your own unique words.

  • Why the current moment is a turning point
  • What you are turning it around for
  • Specific action to turn it around


Hey everyone! Did you know we are at a turning point for the livelihood of people and the planet? Due to Covid-19 and shutdowns around the world, we have seen a drop in greenhouse gas emissions. Adjusting our actions CAN slow the progress of climate change. Right now, people are reimagining how we live our lives and invest our resources. I am turning it around for climate action by pushing to reallocate investments in fossil fuels to renewable energy! I am reaching out to my elected officials and connecting with a local climate activist group to increase our impact!


To really be impactful, use our multimedia assets and templates with your video!

Do you have resources, inspirational accounts and calls to action to share too? We’ve got you covered with Instagram Stories templates. Plus you can challenge friends to share what Turning Point for People and Planet they care about and how they will #TurnItAround!


  • Remember content is most important!
  • Length: Keep it short! For a grid/feed post, you have up to 1 minute. Stories are 15 seconds; you can record for longer with multiple stories, but we recommend still keeping it to under a minute (4 stories)
  • Orientation: For stories, you’ll want vertical orientation, but you may also want to share the video on your grid/feed, so keep in mind the framing so it crops to a square easily! If you pre-record the video, you can more carefully crop for using in both your story and grid/feed.
  • Tripod vs. hand held: Both options work! Using a tripod or setting your phone in a static location allows you to use your hands and more your body more, which can help transmit energy. Hand held videos allow for an informal and personal feel. If you’re using an iphone, you can use your volume buttons to record instead of touching the shutter release button making one-handed operation easier.
  • Location: An interesting background and surroundings rare great! Nature, plants, textured walls and landmarks look nice in backgrounds.
  • Audio: Minimize ambient sound. Speak clearly and convey your energy. Especially if you’re recording outside, using earphones with a microphone can greatly increase the audio quality.
  • Test: Do a few sample shots and play them back to check framing, lighting and audio quality.