Impact Hub & Accelerate2030

Impact Hub is a global network focused on building communities for impact at scale. With 100+ communities of 16,500 change-driven entrepreneurs in more than 55 countries across five continents, Impact Hub is one of the world’s largest communities and accelerators for positive change. We build ecosystems to drive collaboration and entrepreneurial innovation around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through locally rooted Impact Hubs, as well as with partners and allied networks.  

Accelerate2030 (A2030) is a global, multi-stakeholder program with the mission to scale internationally the impact of entrepreneurs working from developing countries towards achieving positive social and environmental change and contributing to the SDGs. It was co-initiated in 2016 by Impact Hub and UNDP, and has to-date been implemented in three cycles, in 24 developing and emerging economies across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, reaching 2 million people and more than 1600 entrepreneurs, and engaging around 50 partners globally. With more than 30 Impact Hubs joining the next 4th edition of the program, it is the network’s flagship initiative on entrepreneurial action towards the SDGs. 

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