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100 in 1 day Cali

Colombia Cali, Valle del Cauca, Kolumbien
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
If u want to be part of the change and lead or participate in a positive action the next 20th of October, you can contact us through any of our social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, through our website www.100en1diacali.org or write us at equipomotor@100en1diacali.org You can also join one of our creative workshops, which are held until the big day! (20th of October) to meet us and co-create an action to work on a positive action throughout we can be part of the solution and improve our city for all.  We are happy to embrace citizens, institutions, and partners who have an idea and are willing to cooperate and work towards a positive change in Cali :) Join us!! 
Organising Partners
Equipo Motor de 100 en 1 dia Cali, 100en1dia Colombia, Cali Bacana Alcaldia de Cali

About 100en1day Cali

100In1Day is an annual celebration of active citizenship, where we collectively celebrate what makes our communities great, and implement ideas about how we can work together towards a better city and a better world.

The actions of inspired citizens form the backbone of 100In1Day as a social-transformative model seeking to redefine cities by bringing people together in public spaces. These actions range from celebrations of the small things in communities that provide vitality, to actions coming from a more critical perspective that identify opportunities for change. Actions can assume diverse forms approaching topics from different perspectives relating to the environment, culture, and society, but derive their inspiration from a common desire to create a positive impact at a local scale.