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beach clean up

Germany Nürnberg
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
you can join  our beach clean ups, please stay tuned via  we separate the trash and discuss alternatives and how avoid this single-use-trash  Finally I introduce my book kids for the ocean
15 life on land
Organising Partners
beach cleaner, Sea Shepherd, municipal


beachcleaner is not just a non-profit family initiative, it is a movement to an eco conscious way of living & lifestyle with the aim to go plastic free. We have too much trash in the ocean and we want to fight against it. With this initiative we want to raise the awareness for our environment, oceans, lakes, and forests, offer simple alternatives towards a plasticfree life and start projects to stop the destruction of our eco system by plastic trash. We work on a school program kids-for-the-ocean, give talks and organise beach clean ups.
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14 life below water