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Goal 12 Sustainable Business Practices and Consumer Behaviour

Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
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What I'm doing is to ensure that I'm using products that are bio-degradable. For example, at Unilever Network we have products like Dish Washer that is 77% bio-degradable above 60% standard so we don't pollute water.  Another example would be that nearly all of our plastics use in packaging at Unilever Network can be recycle or reuse or decomposable. We have a recycle campaign of our used Maqui Plus bottles. 
12 Responsible Consumption & Production
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Unilever Network is a luxury division of Unilever. I'm part of the company as an independent business partner distributing a range of premium products. Many of our products are bio-degradable and decomposable. I have build a network of micro-entrepreneurs for more than 600 members within my network organization and continue to grow everyday. We are increasing a number of impacts on our products consumption.

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12 Responsible Consumption & Production