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Yemen Youth Partnership Conference on Humanitarian Action and Sustainable Development Goals on the Occasion of International Youth Day 12th August 2018 Introduction: Yemen recognizes that investment in youth development reaps immense benefits for individuals, families, communities and the nation.With 76% of the population under 24 years of age, Yemen's children and young people represent both the country's greatest asset and challenge.The country's present andfuture development in many ways is a reflection of its ability to provide for the protection and development of its children and young people.Youth represent the most important wealth of the society.They are in the widest social strata.Young people are the most dynamic,energetic and capable of bringing change in different walks of life to better shape the future.Young people look forward to a busy and fruitful life and to a society that embraces all its groups and feels its value.Attention to the youth category is a concern foroverall development in general and for self-development in particular and for the advancement of the individual and society. In reasons to that the United Nations has considered Children and Youth as one of its Major Groups and launched 12 August from each year as an International Youth Day which uses to share the work of youth in their countries and their role to take a part in communitydevelopmentand this year theme of International Youth Day is "Safe Places for Youth". Since 2012 International Youth Council- Yemen (IYCY) has organized many youth programs , activities and capacity building training to empower Yemeni and celebrate the International Youth Day by arranging events such as Youth conference and meeting and this year IYCY with collaboration with KAFA Organization Yemen (KOY) are organizing and event titled "Meeting for Young Civil Society Organizations and Youthinitiatives". The objective of this event is to share the role of Young Organizations in assisting the country through relief and development as well as sharing the best practices of Youth initiatives that have helped to alleviate humanitarian situations followed by a discussion session with Young Yemeni Expert of the opportunitiesandchallenges in giving Youth Places to lead in government and non-government sector.
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