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Greece Serres, Serres, Grecia
Number of people taking this action: 1-20


Ø PRAXIS is a youth non-governmental organization in Serres, in North Greece which has activities in YouthPolicy, Media, Migration and Human Rights fields. Founded in 1995 in order to offer a broad spectrum of activities to support the development and empowerment of civil society in Greece. (

Ø The work of PRAXIS spans a variety of fields including Active Citizenship, Peace and Reconciliation, Volunteerism, Intercultural dialogue. Works to strengthen links between different sectors of the society, such as Civil Society Organisations, international NGOs, decision-makers, and media.

Ø PRAXIS provides capacity building for young people for personal and social development .Works as a cordonator, sending and a hosting EVS organization since 1998 . Maintains a strong regional and interregional network that allows the realization of internships, seminars, European Voluntary Services and youth projects within the European context. With our work we try to carry our goals:

-Competence development of young people and youth practitioners in order to boost employability.

-Recognition of non formal education, life- long learning and youth work by the society .

-Improvement of the quality of youth work and youth training

-Reinforcement of the link between the youth field and the labour market.

Ø It also owns a non-profit making programme at the radio station ( ) and its broadcasts raise several issues that concern young people.

Ø On the e-magazine “MEDIART”, volunteers write articles, comments & opinions

Ø Organize, cooperate, and support events and Electronically Campaigns via mass media, radio, & social media on sensitive social issues cooperating with international organization for the “International and European Days”.

Ø PRAXIS co-operates with the municipal cultural center of Serres, Local University, UNESCO , UNHCR and other institutions. Is a member of “Anna Linch foundatation” and “National Youth Council

Ø Youth Information Center of PRAXIS goals Competence development of young people and youth practitioners in orders to boost employability and provides information, opportunities & leisure time activities for young people.

Ø Moreover , PRAXIS organize activities targeted at youth Refugees who live in the Serres community . Working with youth refugees in Creative workshops, we bring together youths who are using social and traditional media internet and computers in order to share common interests and activities

Ø Apart all these above , PRAXIS has a patent on application for smart mobiles: Application for the clean city by active citizens:

Ø Application: Games include historical events and monuments of Thessaloniki from Roman times until today. “Thessaloniki City Games” : «Hidden treasures - hidden stories of Thessaloniki» , Users of “Thessaloniki City Games” are playing interactive city games (or "hidden treasure hunt games"), which are based on riddles and in order to discover the history and the most important monuments of Thessaloniki, through a smart and interactive way.