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The #Act4SDGs Community Challenge- Rewarding innovation In Community Mobilisation for SDGS

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The Civil Society Coalition and Sustainable Development South South, Center for Development Support Initiative, Youth Rescue International Development Organisation, Heroes Educational Foundation, SDG Office ,River State Futurenet Foundation, Hope for Us Charity, African Youth Initiative , Dental Care Initiative, Achievers Innovative Advocate International Foundation, Humanitarian Global Web TV, Youth For Change Initiative, Nigeria Info, African Youth Union Commission, Dakara Foundation of Hope, Initiatives for Sustainable Peace and Entrepreneurship Development, Knit Together, Caring Foundation,

About Civil Society Coalition On Sustainable Development -South South

The Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development is a registered membership coalition with over 500 members across the nation carrying out innovative initiatives across all the Stakeholders. Known for its key track record in monitoring and Mainstreaming the SDGs,The CSCSD works with a cross section of partners to building the world we want.



The #ACT4SGDS challenge is an innovative challenge that seeks to identify, address and advance the work of Civil Society and community-based organizations it the grassroot, who are carrying out innovative initiatives in citizens participation and community mobilization to support the global day of action for SDGS. From awareness on SDGs in communities most often left behind, to Accountability and impact from program implementation. The challenge recognizes steps being taken to addressing issues with selected themes annually.

This maiden edition looks at air pollution. Innovative ways to creating awareness and addressing challenges evolving from air pollution. This is in line with the theme of the policy dialogue 4 strengthening civil society to localize, monitor and #Act4SDGS in addressing air pollution in the South South.

The challenge recognizes initiatives that enhance citizens participation and community mobilization.

What are the outcomes?

The challenge hopes to accelerate innovation in communities in the South South region of Nigeria and At the end of challenge, winning innovative initiatives are curated and matched with potential partners and funders who found these initiatives to escalated activities. All projects advance the objectives of the UN climate change. Immediate monitoring support will be provided for winners.


The Objectives of the Initiatives are to

a. Recognize Civil Societies, Community based and grassroots organizations etc. with innovative outreaches and programs to addressing the SDGS.

b. To increase knowledge about the SDGS and this potential impacts in communities especially in line with 2018 theme, flood impact.

c. To build collaboration with cross sector partners on all SDGS that share best practice and innovative ideas.

d. Utilization of advocacy/ awareness etc to develop and deploy sustainable solutions. Originality of ideas.

e. Service to Humanity: Expresses a deliberate attempt to promote inclusive development.

Lead Organizations supporting the challenge:

The Civil Society Coalition and Sustainable Development South South

Center for Development Support Initiative

Youth Rescue International Development Organisation

Heroes Educational Foundation

SDG Office ,River State

Futurenet Foundation

Hope for Us Charity

African Youth Initiative

Dental Care Initiative

Achievers Innovative Advocate International Foundation

Humanitarian Global Web TV

Youth For Change Initiative

Nigeria Info

African Youth Union Commission

Dakara Foundation of Hope

Initiatives for Sustainable Peace and Entrepreneurship Development

Knit Together Initiative

Caring Foundation

Fayberna Foundation

Selfless Patriot Initiative

The #ActSDGS challenge is driving by the partnership, policy and project working group of the civil society coalition of sustainable development. This is a team of Eight (8) organizations that serve as jury.

The selection process:

The open and transparent application and selection process involves a selection committee of civil society ad innovative development actors from around the six States of the South South Region of Nigeria including; Delta State, Bayelsa, Rivers State, Edo State, Cross River State, and Akwa Ibom States. The Committee Members collate and review submissions across the three categories of

a. Citizens participation

b. Community mobilization

c. School based initiative

These selected committees were convened through an open application from among nearly 50 applications received.

All winning entries will be rewarded on the 25th September 2018, at the 1st Regional policy dialogue on the SDGs’.

2018 Lead Sponsors: Futurent foundation is a technology service provider

MTN Foundation

Eligibility: The challenge is open to members registered in the Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development ( CSCSD) database. Civil society organizations, NGOs, CBDs and Development actors, registered as members of the CSCSD.

It is also

- Open to organizations registered with CSCSD in any of the 6 States.

- It is mandatory to provide very high-resolution photos of events.

- Organizations must include target population participation.

- Must have a banner showing key hastags #Act4Sdgs community challenge and the name of the project location. As well as #stopairpollution.

- The task must address the annual themes of the challenge for 2018 its “Air pollution”

- Organizations must be willing to report the activity that must hold on or before 21st September 2018 when entry closes.

The task is to design and carry out an innovative outreach program to promote citizens mobilization and participation in the SDGS. Activities could include

(A) Town Hall Sessions e.g.

1. Citizens’ action and community mobilization and education. Such as;

a. My world 2030 survey

b. Marches

c. Policy Dialogues

d. Social events

2. School Actions

a. Community works

b. School debates and dialogues

c. SDGS Café and Exhibitions

d. Sports and other extra-curricular events

e. My world 2030/ Humans of my world

All 2 category winners will receive cash, product awards and mentoring support. Simply carryout any one of these activities.

Activities should be a tool to ;

a. Learning- continues knowledge transfer that has potential to enable participants acquires new skills and competence to meet the ever evolving needs of mankind on the SDGs.

b. Connection/ collaboration: The challenge recognizes the importance of collaboration

c. Creativity and innovation: Focusing on the effective new idea or model to create awareness or track performance etc

To Enter:

Applicants who have carried out activity will complete an online tracker form describing their work and linking their initiative to the annual theme climate action especially on Air pollution.


Enteries are screened by the partnership and policy working group of the CSCSD made up of critical organizations Judges will determine winners based on the SGDS, vision and purpose and innovation of outreaches, with submitted photos.

Most importantly, entries will be Judged based in any or all of the following learning potential

 Connection/ collaboration

 Creativity and innovation

 Service to humanity

 Inclusive participation of target communities.

Prizes: The top winners will be recognized on September 25th 2018 at the Regional policy dialogue session to mark the Global day of action on the SDGS.

Winning stories will be shared through parts social media and website. Deadline for the competition is 22nd of September 2018.

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