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In France, the gender pay gap is around 23%. Training women to negotiate their wage is one possible driver to reduce this gap (with awareness-raising actions for companies and the fight against stereotypes). In the framework of the CSR platform of the Nantes metropolitan area, the CSR Chair of Audencia Business School, women’s networks, business associations and trade unions joint their forces to design a free training for women on negotiation of their wages, called #NégoTraining. The training module (3 hours) is moderated by experts in gender equality and members of civil society. Since September 2017, we have trained 750 women in Nantes and our objective is to train 5.000 women in 2020. The first results of the impact measurement tool we developed, shows that women increase self-confidence, negotiate more and obtain better results. If you are interested, please send us an email : Further information on our website (french) :
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Founded in Nantes in 1900, Audencia was first accredited by EQUIS in 1998 and is ranked amongst the top European business schools. In 2004, Audencia joined the UN initiative uniting companies, the business world and civil society around 10 universal principles for labour and environmental standards and human rights. We were the first business school in France to join the Global Compact.

Since then, we have been developing and disseminating our expertise in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and integrating it into our research, teaching and internal management.

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