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Rise for Climate Action

Ghana Tema, Ghana
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
This is an event to Bing together young people to engage them on climate issues and the opportunities it present for green jobs as a means to address the high youth unemployment in Ghana. We believe addressing climate change can create opportunities for young people and provide jobs for them in that area. The program is to bring to light such opportunities and empower them to take advantage of it to create jobs for themselves and for others. The event is organised in collaboration with other CSOs and the local youth authority to dialogue to build concesus on thecwat forward. 
7 Affordable & Clean Energy 13 Climate Action
Organising Partners
Coalition of NGOs in Tema, Iday Ghana

About Abibiman Foundation

Abibiman Foundation is an advocacy based organization that focuses on environment, climate change, agriculture and energy issues working to influence national and district level policies send and programming to promote sustainable development in Ghana. We focus on children, youth send women as the core of our advocacy.

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