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Green Day

Egypt Alexandria, Egypt
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
"Green Day" it will be a day of actions to raise awarness about climate change , global warming and greenhaouse gases and the importance to go Green and zero waste . our day will start by short movie about sustainable development goals and climate change crisis  and everyone responsability to face it . we targeted youth and adults also , there will be  a craft and  drwaing to attract childern and group photo to cover our event also, we will work on online campaings to build more supporters to act for our bright future. our page on facebook   Hashtage #greensociety , #greensaturday , #fossilfreeEgypt      
13 Climate Action

About Asmaa Hanafi

This is Asmaa Hanafi Egyptian Nuclear Engineer passionate about the Environment and find clean energy solutions to fight climate change . i work on raising awareness to face climate change crisis and the importance to go green and beat plastic pollution . clean electricity is the target to decrease carbon dioxide emissions from coal , oil and gas we targeted youth & adults different ages and cultures to publish Green culture.

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13 Climate Action