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Incubated at Audacious Futures and recently selected as a Top 25 Innovation by the U.S. Department of Education, AudaciousYou is an AI-powered, researched-backed, future-focused and employer-connected future of work startup.  Our mission is to ensure accessible and quality learning and work for all through our debt-free, degree-free, and lecture-free model.   AudaciousYou is the "Google Maps for the Future of Work & Learning". Our solution powers you to explore the 'world' of opportunities, allows you to set a goal 'destination', 'locates' your starting point in terms of skills and capabilities, and recommends personalized learning & career 'pathways' for getting there together with estimates of how much it might cost and how long it could take. AudaciousYou’s curriculum uniquely combines critical fields often left in silos, covering topics most important to success in the future, including Character, Skills, and Career challenges. AudaciousYou also integrates the SDG framework through our Societal Challenge, which requires candidates to design a digital campaign that addresses at least one SDG in a local community.    AudaciousYou’s inaugural offering is the Future Skills Accelerator which helps you develop skills for the future and connects you to job opportunities at leading employers. The Accelerator  is an intensive 14-week experience focused on accelerating your success by preparing you for the real world of work. The more time you dedicate to it, the more you will get from it. You can do it from anywhere, whether you are in school, working, or in-between.   You learn more about our program and sign up for updates here: Or stay up to date on our work by following us on social media! LinkedIn: Facebook:  Twitter: Medium: 
4 Quality Education 8 Decent work and economic growth
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