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To join our advocacy kindly follow our conversations on twitter at @BlueLuxInvest and on facebook at We will be celebrating all our partners who have made promoting the SDGs possible for us this year.
17 Partnerships for the Goals
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BLI Global and BLI Bangladesh

About Blue Luxury Investments

BLI was born out of the need to inspire global good within communities through enabling growth of sustainable businesses and building partnerships for impact. We work with social ventures, projects and communities worldwide, documenting stories for change, and fundraising for impact investment. We are always raising funds from partners and institutional investors, family offices and key players in the investment space. We welcome collaborations that will spark transformational dialogues and behavior change.

We envision a growing global economy in which everyone can contribute to a better environment and improved well being and livelihood of communities to which they belong. We aim to empower communities globally to achieve sustainable social, environmental and economic change through impact investing and partnership alliances for a better world.

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17 Partnerships for the Goals