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Social Weekend Hackathon

Belarus Minsk
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
On September 15-16 the Social Weekend Hackathon will be held in Minsk, Belarus. We invite of social entrepreneurs, IT-specialists, marketers, designers and all active citizens to participate in the Hackathon of social projects, where all of them will be able to develop their ideas and get the prize of the commercial value of 5000 USD for the further realization the developed projects. The reasons to participate: to listen to people who already succeed in business and in social projects to meet the new people and experts and get feedback from them  to join the international master-classes and skype-calls  to create dream-team and try to start realization of your idea  to get a part of the commercial prize From the very first time (2 years ago) Social Weekend Hackathon became the largest one not only in Belarus. Last season we closed the registration on 400 participants (because of the physical size of the event place). The 120 pitches were transformed to 86 team, and 63 of them have participated in the mentor-session of the second day. Hackathon gather a large number of IT-specialists and we are proud of such projects as Vestochka (the app for communication with prisoners), VR-Health (the method of rehabilitation after stroke due using of VR-technology, approved by the best doctors), DeepDee (The team is working on machine diagnostics of eye diseases by processing photos of the eye fundus with AI/ML algorithms). The DeepDee is the winner of the Social Impact Awards (London, UK), now is working for Holland ( The web-page of the Hackathon here The registration is here

About Dobra Local social foundation

Dobra Local social foundation is a non-governmental organization, the main purpose of which is to attract and unite financial, intellectual and organizing resources to realize socially useful and charity projects on the territory of Belarus, to develop social investment, social innovations and social entrepreneurship on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Dobra Foundation is the host organization of the Global Compact Local Network Belarus, as well as the organizer of the leading republic-wide contest of social projects Social Weekend.

The main vector of activity in the framework of Local Network is the consolidation of members to realize cooperative projects and to achieve essential results in the fields of CS and CSR, implementation of Global Compact principles and actions to support SDGs (

Social Weekend is the biggest contest of social projects of Belarus (