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III International Scientific and Practical Conference «The Natural Environment of Antarctica: ecological problems and nature protection»

Belarus Training Center «Forum», Kryzhovka township (Minsk region)
Number of people taking this action: 50-250 Date: 17–19 September, 2018 The main topics of the Conference are as follows: • Ecological problems and protection of Antarctic natural environment. • Study of Antarctic biota; modern methods and approaches. • Climatic, meteorological and aerospace researches in Antarctica. • Geological, geophysical, glaciological and paleogeographic researches in Antarctica. • Development of the instrumentation base for scientific researches in Antarctica • Antarctic logistics, infrastructure, safety • Legal aspects of activities in the Antarctic Treaty System. • Promoting the international scientific cooperation in the Antarctic  
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Organising Partners
State Scientific Institution «The Institute for Nature Management State Institution «The Republican Center for Polar Research» Limited Liability Company "Campilab"

About The State Scientific and Production Amalgamation “The Scientific and Practical Center for Bioresources”

Assessment and monitoring of animal biodiversity in Belarus. Study of mechanisms of functioning and structural organization of communities. Ecology, demography and population dynamics, sustainable use of biological resources. Study of endo- and ectoparasites, parasite cenosis, carriers of transmissible deseases. Aerospace and ground-based environmental monitoring of lands, digital surveying, geodynamical reseach and development of geographical informational systems, digital microscopy and morphometry of biosystem, chemical contamination monitoring and quality assessment of the lands and waters. Scientific support of creation, functioning and development of system of especially protected areas (EPA) and national ecological network. Development of management plans of EPA. Scientific support of ecological tourism. Inventory and scientific background for denaturalization and sustainable use of peatlands. Processing and utilization of organic waste products with the help of vermitechnologies

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