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Multiplying by Sharing

Kenya Nairobi, Kenya
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
In many of our schools, our older pupils support the younger children - or those that are struggling - by teaching them what they have learnt. We will run 'Sharing with Friends' sessions in our schools whereby we will showcase the ripple effect that education a child can have on a whole community.Anyone is welcome to participate in the community! If you have something that you want to teach to others and multiply the effect of education by increasing knowledge, get in touch.  SDG4 is a collaborative effort, sharing knowledge, helping others, increasing access to education.
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Bridge International Academies partners with governments, communities, teachers, and parents to deliver great schools and high-quality education for primary and pre-primary pupils across Africa and Asia. Bridge runs hundreds of affordable school and supports hundreds more Government led schools in impoverished communities. Since, 2009 they have delivered transformational earning outcomes for half a million children.