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Digital skills group session

South Africa Johannesburg South, South Africa
Number of people taking this action: 20-50
Jabavu library hosts a group of youth . Introduces them to Google digital skills via our elearning platform  This session is aimed at showing young people alternative careers and job opportunities available in the digital space. They will first learn about free library services such as free WiFi, computers and then they will be trained on how to do the online courses. They will also learn how to do the courses on their own using our free WiFi. 
4 Quality Education 8 Decent work and economic growth 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities
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City of Joburg Libraries Elearning.

About City of Johannesburg Public Libraries

City of Johannesburg public libraries introduced eLearning services to contribute to creating a Smart city and for digital inclusion of all citizens. Recently we partnered with Google (SA) for their Digital skills for Africa program and ours is a unique collaboration because we provide the community with access to elearning Classrooms that are both mobile and in libraries so they can do the Google Digital skills courses for free. On the 25th Jabavu Library (one of our branches) will be hosting a group of youth between 18-24 and introducing them to the elearning platform and the courses they can do for free using free Google sponsored Wifi. This is one of many group sessions to come. This group will be introduced to careers in the Digital space and how to complete a course online.

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