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About Centre for Road Safety, Sardar Patel University of Police Rajasthan India

Center for Road Safety is an official center of Sardar Patel University of Police (SPUP) Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur, Rajasthan India, situated in the Jaipur Campus of SPUP. Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur is established by an Act passed by State Legislature, Government of Rajasthan. The Act mandates the University to focus on teaching and research in the field of Police, Social Sciences, Criminal Justice, Public Safety and Security and other related areas.


To work as capacity building and knowledge center, developing practical solutions which will reduce death and injury on roads while taking into account our changing road user community and environment.



• To organize education research consultancy, training, extension activities and capacity building programs in areas of Road Safety.

• Identify subjects and institutions for research in different areas of road safety and commission and fund research projects and publish research findings.

• Create linkages between research institutions at the local, regional and national levels.

• Establish Centre of Excellence in road safety research and education.

• Create the infrastructure and capacity for multidisciplinary crash Investigation, data collection, reporting and analysis.

• Establish the procedure and methodology for data collection, transmission and analysis at appropriate levels and define the role of different agencies involved in the process.

• Maintain a comprehensive database on road safety related matters.

The core area of Centre for Road Safety are as follows:-

 Content and course development

 Training and orientation

 Information Education Communication (IEC)

 Research and Documentation

 Data Collection and Analysis

 Liaison and Advocacy


This Centre has an objective to carry out technical and multi-disciplinary work that requires engagement of experts and agency working in the area of road safety. Therefore, Centre for Road Safety will conduct following functions as mentioned below-

• Awareness generation about the different laws, provision, schemes and projects relating to Road safety among its various stakeholders

• Spread literacy among various sections of society and promote awareness of the safeguards available related to Road Safety issues.

• Develop course material on Road Safety issues.

• Promote research advocacy and communication that is relevant to policy and issues centered on Road Safety issues.

• Research and publication- review the existing mechanism, policy and laws of Road safety and suggestive measures

• Serve as an active meeting ground, forum and platform of emerging ideas for all groups involved in promoting development and in enhancing realization of Road safety

• Provide para legal, legal support and build awareness for road safety.

• Strengthen the existing structures and institution related to road safety

• Produce films, undertake research, studies, documentation, and video documentation in order to raise and bring public awareness on Road safety issues

• Help and facilitate effective implementation of different projects of the Central and State Government for educational and social development of all categories of stakeholders

• Prepare and publish papers, articles, booklets, journals, news-letters, bulletins, posters, web pages etc.

• Organize training, seminars, workshops, conferences, public hearings and such other measures as may be necessary

• Do all such other deeds and things either alone or in conjunction with others as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Centre


• Dr. Manoj Bhatt IPS (Retd), Director, CRS (Honorary).

• Ms. S Parimala IPS, Additional Director, CRS (Honorary).

• Ms. Prerna Arora Singh, Centre- Coordinator.

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