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SDG Film Documentary Screening called 'Our Air at Crossroads'

Nigeria Port Harcourt Town, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
7 Affordable & Clean Energy 13 Climate Action
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The Civil Society Coalition and Sustainable Development South South, Center for Development Support Initiative, Youth Rescue International Development Organisation, Heroes Educational Foundation, SDG Office ,River State Futurenet Foundation, Hope for Us Charity, African Youth Initiative , Dental Care Initiative, Achievers Innovative Advocate International Foundation, Humanitarian Global Web TV, Youth For Change Initiative, Nigeria Info, African Youth Union Commission, Dakara Foundation of Hope, Initiatives for Sustainable Peace and Entrepreneurship Development, Knit Together, Caring Foundation, Prissy Foun

About Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development

The Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development South South is a network of Civil Actors across the 6 States of the South South Working to promote the SDGS across communities and Agenda 2030 as a key strategy to leaving no one behind

The Coalition has a membership of over 500 Credible Civil Society Organizations across the 36 States of Nigeria.

VISION: A world where Civil Society support the achievements of all SDGs

Goal: To be the leading coalition to promote inclusive networking for the achievement of the SDGS at all levels

Key Aim:

To promote engagement with Cross sector CSOs on 2030 development agenda and collectively empower civil actors and the vulnerable to work for social inclusion, climate justice and equality

Key Objectives:

1. To build capacity of Civil Actors to localize and Track the SDGs across the 36 States of Nigeria

2. To contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through research, Training, advocacy and human capital development

3. To design and promote knowledge Practice and Indicators for the promotion of development policies towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

4. To monitor, Evaluate and advocate feedbacks from target stakeholders especially the vulnerable so as to mainstream support

5. To strengthen and promote the strategic principles of the SDGS its indicators and targets through cross sector partnership at all levels especially the grassroots.

6. To build a movement of Civil Actors who will be committed to promoting the world we want through inter and intra organizational support

Our Organizational Structure:

The Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development has National Steering Committee, Board of Directors,^ Regional Officers and 36 State officers working closely with the vulnerable and marginalized at the grassroots towards building a peaceful, prosperous, sustainable and inclusive world