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Number of people taking this action: 20-50
Members of the international community in India, or planning a visit to India, can sign up to participate in a Clap Talk in a local classroom on our website Once they have 'signed up' they will be able to access available dates.  Supporters of Clap Global can follow us on Instagram @clapglobal and keep updated on our Facebook page 
4 Quality Education

About Clap Global

We want to raise the next generation of children in India (and beyond) more compassionate, more aware of global perspectives, better connected to the world and others and with a global citizen identity. We do this by enabling the international community of travellers in India to empower local youth through conversations and discussions in classrooms on topics that matter to the world such as gender equality, sustainable living, technology, interpersonal relationships, human rights and freedom. Our initiative 'Travellers In Classrooms' enables local schools to host travellers in India and facilitate 75-min long 'Clap Talks'. These Clap Talks connect the global experiences of the world’s people through informal conversation, story-telling, question and answer sessions and through artifacts and photos. By bringing together international travellers and local students, Clap Talks provide opportunities for authentic engagement with pressing global issues, offering a space to exchange ideas and thoughts and open up discussions on the things that really matter.

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