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United States of America Brooklyn, NY, USA
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Join #Create2030  on September 25th to celebrate the Global Day of Action.  We are encourating artists, artist organizations and artist allies to do the following: 1.  Organize community events, celebrating artists who are using their talents for the social good.  In Brooklyn, NY,  Create2030 is organizing a backyard gathering and open mic for socially conscious artists to share the work they do.  In Kenya, Global Goals Digital is organizing a film screening of films related to the SDGs. 2.  Share your work as an artist for the SDGs online using hashtags #Act4SDGs and #Create2030. 3.  Sell your artwork through the #Create2030 Pop Up Shop and give a percentage to a nonprofit of your choice supporting the SDGs.  More info at facebook.com/create2030. We welcome other ideas!  Email Lisa Russell at lisa@lisarussellfilms.com.
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#Create2030 is a growing, global network of artists, storytellers and innovators using their talents to elevate the SDGs. Watch our film at https://youtu.be/rozxn5ldwxc for more info.

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