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High Level Policy Dialogue on Sustainable Goals to #StopAirPollution

Nigeria Port Harcourt
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We thank the following partners: The Civil Society Coalition and Sustainable Development South South, Center for Development Support Initiative, Youth Rescue International Development Organisation, Heroes Educational Foundation, SDG Office ,River State Futurenet Foundation, Hope for Us Charity, African Youth Initiative , Dental Care Initiative, Achievers Innovative Advocate International Foundation, Humanitarian Global Web TV, Youth For Change Initiative, Nigeria Info, African Youth Union Commission, Dakara Foundation of Hope, Initiatives for Sustainable Peace and Entrepreneurship Development, Knit Together, Caring Foundation, FAYEBERNA Foundation, Selfless Patriots, Prissy Foundation, Channels TV, Doe Gratias Security Ventures Ltd, Quest TV, Inside Niger Delta TV, clotheachildafrica initiative Doe Gratias Security Ventures Ltd

About Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development South South Region

The Civil Society Coalition for Sustainable Development South South is a network of over 300 in the South South region of Nigeria working towards the achievement of the SDGd across target communities and building capacity of its members to monitor Performance of CSO, Governments and other Stakeholders in relation to the SDGs. We are a network of committed members snd we will #Act4SDGs by holding our first High Level Regional Policy Dialogue on the 25th September. See below Program Objectives and Proceedings:

Regional Policy Dialogue Proceeding

Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (CSCSD) South South Agenda for First RegionalPolicy Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals.Theme: Strengthening partnerships to localize, monitor and #Act4SDGS to #StopAirPollutionDate: September 25th 2018Time: 9am prompt Key Objectives :

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