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Homo Virtus: A Global Citizen at the Dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Luxembourg Strassen, Luxembourg
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DevTimes is a social media initiative, which is limited to Instagram, aiming to raise public awareness on global issues. In this regard, as DevTimes, we promote global citizenship, global citizenship education (SDG 4.7), unity in diversity, all Sustainable Development Goals and international days observed by the United Nations.  By doing this, we aim to contribute the dissemination of information on global issues in order to raise public awareness. It's clear that our world needs more contributors who can make changes for a better, fairer and more sustainable future for next generations. And we believe that social media is one of the strongest tool to achieve this. Follow us on Instagram: devtimes_org DevTimes - The Founding Editor, Mert Orhan Perk

About DevTimes

DevTimes is a social media initiative to raise public awareness on the following concepts: global citizenship/GC education (SDG 4.7), unity in diversity and other SDGs.

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