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Educate, Engage and Empower the Girl Child

Nigeria River State
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
Provide us a list of Secondary Schools to visit with contact details of focal person. Follow us  actively on all social media platform . Repost and share our post with friends Invite friends to like our social media platforms. For those willing to partner with us, kindly send a mail to endangereddaughters@gmail.com Contribute financially to the success of our various outreach. Volunteer to be part of our various outreach. Below are links to our various outreach,  share to the public http://nepabox.com/story/endangered-daughters-invasion/ http://nepabox.com/story/endangered-daughters-initiative-storm-ndele-community-rivers-state/ http://nepabox.com/story/endangered-daughters-initiative-storm-omuma-etche-community-rivers-state/ http://nepabox.com/story/endangered-daughters-initiative-storm-ikuru-community-andoni-local-government-area- http://nepabox.com/story/endangered-daughters-initiative-visits-nkpolu-community-secondary-school-portharcourt-rivers-state/
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Endangered Daughters Inititiative

About Endangered Daughters Initiative

The Endangered Daughters Initiative (EDI) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) registered under the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria. EDI was set up to educate the girl child, boost their confidence, make them more aware of themselves as well as equip them for the challenges that lie ahead and how to overcome such challenges.

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