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Greece Athens, Greece
Number of people taking this action: 20-50
The project “Countering Violent and Extremism” (CV-EX) is a transnational initiative for young people to explore the important issue of informing and empowering young people to prevent and combat violent extremism. The project will be attended by (43) young aged 18-30 from 7 different countries in Europe and the Mediterranean basin (Greece, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Italy). The meeting will take place in Athens, from November 14 – 23, 2018. Radicalization and Violent Extremism are a particularly worrying and growing political and social phenomenon affecting the world’s population. It is expressed through actions of either individuals driven by an extreme “ideology” that leads in turn to violence or by the actions of organized groups based on coordinated strategic threats and attacks, such as the case of terrorist groups. The project aims to contribute both to training to promote and undertake joint actions to eliminate the phenomenon of radicalization through their active role in civil society. The role of the internet and social media as a powerful means of recruiting youngsters and enhancing extreme violence will also be put under the microscope. During this week, young people will engage in a social dialogue on aspects of the phenomenon and exchange views on practices that are being implemented and promote extremist violent behavior. It will also explore the correlation of radicalization with the change in moral values, increased refugee and migratory flows and the spread of the economic crisis. The program through non-formal learning techniques (intercultural dialogue, personal testimonies, activation activities, interactive exercises and open discussions) will focus on familiarity with other cultures, religions and cultures. For this purpose, cultural nights will be organized where participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other and their countries of origin. Because of the importance of the program, young people will create a permanent network of exchanges of views on the prevention and tackling of radicalization.
4 Quality Education 10 Reduced Inequalities 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
Organising Partners
Maat For Peace, Development and Human Rights ASPDF – Associazione di Promozione Sociale “Futuro Digitale” East and West Center for Sustainable Development Novact Sawty Selçuklu Youth Group


Greece Athens, Greece
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
The project “Green Cities” is a transnational initiative for 64 young people, aged 18-30, from nine (9) different countries: Croatia, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Spain, Turkey and UK. E.K.O will organize and coordinate the project, which will take place in Athens, Greece, on December 7-16, 2018. While the world faces rising hazards related to climate-change, resource depletion, pollution and other environmental pressures, cities have become home to over half of the world’s population. Today urban areas play a dominant role in global consumption, resource use, waste production and pollution. Various measures and interventions are being implemented in different countries to respond to the rising need for action. Our project aspires to promote learning about and action toward green and sustainable cities, as well as to raise young people’s awareness about the degree to which individual and social well-being depends on the quality of the urban environment and the necessity to think and act in an environmentally-conscious way. Through a wide range of interactive workshops, seminars and creative activities, based on the methodology and principles of non-formal education, as well as a series of intercultural evenings and city visits,  participants will enhance their interpersonal, critical thinking and learn about the other countries’ policies and good practices in the context of sustainable cities. It offers indeed a great opportunity for knowledge-sharing about existing strategies and ideas-exchanging on solutions contributing to greener cities.
4 Quality Education 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 13 Climate Action
Organising Partners

About EKO

EKO, the Entrepreneur and Social Economy Group, is a Non-Profit Organisation seated in Athens, Greece, with an extended network of partners across Europe, the Euromed basin, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

It is the founding member of the Euromed Network of Youth Organizations (Y-NEMO), as well as a founding member of the International Alliance for Peace and Development (IAPD) with members in European and MENA countries. EKO also supports the Observatory to Prevent Extremist Violence (OPEV) as an active member contributing constructively to prevent and combat violent extremism. It is also member of the network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and is honored to display the logo of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) for two projects. It has an extended networks of partners in Greece, has an EVS accreditation for sending and hosting volunteers, as well as coordinating EVS projects. Throughout its activities, EKO maintains a special collaboration with Art and Theater Tutors.

EKO`s primary mission is to contribute to the creation of an inclusive society, free from prejudice and discrimination, which will be in the position to develop and grow sustainable living environment. Particularly within Greece, its major concerns refer to the challenge of: (1) youth unemployment and economic obstacles as a result of the crisis and (2) the xenophobic attitudes, cultural intolerance and exclusion created by the migration wave, as well as (3) environmental issues.

To achieve this mission EKO focuses on the following specific objectives:

-Empowering youth through non-formal education, training opportunities, life-long learning and fostering active participation and civic engagement

-Facilitating intercultural and interreligious awareness and solidarity, especially within Greece and Europe, as well as between Europe and MENA, by providing dialogue platforms, organizing cultural exchanges and tolerance trainings

-Strengthening cross-border civil society, through knowledge transfer and sharing of good practices, as well as through collaborative initiatives with its broad network of international partners

-Actively support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental causes

EKO is represented by experienced professionals -all women- from various disciplines who are committed to making a difference.

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4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 10 Reduced Inequalities 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 13 Climate Action 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions 17 Partnerships for the Goals