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Ethical Screening provides a positive screening service based on the SDGs, focused on how companies support the Goals through their operations, products and services, and financing. We have developed a detailed research process to ensure that only material contributions to the Goals are recorded. This involves identifying the SDGs associated with the companies' activities, the specific Goal-related targets that the activity meets, the type of activity (process, product or service, or indirect financing), and the relative scale of the contribution (minor or major). Activities are also attributed a positive theme; for example, 'built environment' or 'social development and equality', allowing for further analysis of investment portfolios according to their positive social contributions. Using this service, our clients can actively invest their money in companies which make a positive contribution to the Goals. As part of our product launch, we have been writing weekly blog posts on each of the SDGs. Each blog post introduces the Goal; explains why it is important, putting forward both the social/human rights and the business case; and exemplifies how companies can contribute. These blogs are available on our company website:
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About Ethical Screening

Established in 1998, Ethical Screening provides information and guidance to individuals, charities and trusts to enable them to manage their money according to their principles- avoiding activities that conflict with their ethical values, and investing in companies whose activities make a positive contribution to society and the environment. Our research and analysis covers a broad range of ethical and ESG-related issues, including human rights, environmental and animal welfare concerns.

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