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Number of people taking this action: 50-250
As a network, FWN’s vision aligns to SDG 5 - Gender Equality. While the Philippines, the US, and other countries where Filipina women are present have achieved progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals (including equal access to primary education between girls and boys), women and girls all over the world continue to suffer discrimination and violence. Consistent with the UN SDG 5 agenda, FWN recognizes that “Gender Equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world” and that “providing women and girls with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large.” This speaker panel will highlight how FWN members and their organizations have contributed to one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), including SDG 5 - Gender Equality and its targets. The panel discussion will start with an introduction of the SDGs. Then each panelist will have 5 minutes to provide an overview of the global problem and how her organization is contributing to a specific SDG and its targets.
3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
Organising Partners
Agnes Pasaporte Miranda, Executive Vice Chairman, World Financial Group, Concord, CANADA [Quaternary Economic Sector: Services: Financial Planning] Alexandra Noelle Cuerdo, Director, Producer and Writer -- ULAM: Main Dish, Kidlat Entertainment, New York, UNITED STATES [Tertiary Economic Sector: Entertainment] Christine Amour-Levar, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer, Women On A Mission, iRaceMedia, Temasek, SINGAPORE [Tertiary Economic Sector: Nonprofit; Quaternary Economic Sector = knowledge-based and production of information: Consulting Services] Conchita Labao Manabat, PhD. President of the Development Center for Finance. PHILIPPINES [Tertiary Economic Sector: Finance] Crystal Dias LLB, Partner, Dias Solicitors, Kent, UNITED KINGDOM [Tertiary Economic Sector: Legal] Georgitta Pimentel Puyat, Chairman, Philippine Orchard Corporation, Makati City, PHILIPPINES [Primary Economic Sector: includes industries that produce or extract raw materials: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Farming, Hunting, Mining, Extraction] Janice Crisostomo Villanueva, Founder and CEO, Mommy Mundo Inc., Pasig City, Metro Manila PHILIPPINES [Quaternary Economic Sector: knowledge-based and production of information] Joanne Michelle Fernandez Ocampo, Advisor, The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, NORWAY [Quaternary Economic Sector: knowledge-based and production of information]. Jorhie Liabres Alban, Director and Head of Communications for Gulf Countries, Sanofi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES [Tertiary Economic Sector: Healthcare] Maria Lydia "Marily" Ysip Orosa, President and CEO, Studio 5 Designs, NCR, PHILIPPINES [Tertiary Economic Sector: Communication Services (marketing, public relations, branding] Maria Trinidad Manalo Maramba, Manual Data Entry Keyer, Royal Mail Group of Companies, Devon, UNITED KINGDOM [Tertiary Economic Sector: Non-profit/non-governmental]. Maria Victoria M. Acosta, Senior Vice President – International Marketing, Megaworld Corporation, PHILIPPINES [Secondary Economic Sector: Construction, Real Estate]. Mildred Christine Flores Piad Ph.D, Former President & Chairman of the Board; now Consultant, F. F. Flores Enterprises, Inc., NCR, PHILIPPINES [Secondary Economic Sector: Construction, Real Estate]. Rosavilla Cumba Langeveld, Board member of the Sisterhood City Organization, Noord-Holland, NETHERLANDS [Tertiary Economic Sector: Healthcare].

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The Filipina Women's Network (FWN) is a San Francisco based 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan international advocacy organization that seeks to increase the power and influence of Filipina women as leaders and policy makers at all levels in corporate, government, institutions and community organizations to achieve economic and social justice and women’s rights.
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3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 7 Affordable & Clean Energy 8 Decent work and economic growth 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions 17 Partnerships for the Goals