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Fair Trade Campus Week 2018

Canada Ottawa, ON, Canada
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
Find out if a campus near you is participating: bit.ly/FTCW18

About Fairtrade Canada

Fairtrade Canada is working for a world where trade justice and sustainable development principles are practiced globally, thereby moving world farmers and workers from a position of vulnerability to security and economic self-sufficiency.

Fair Trade Campus Week is when we come together as a community across Canada to celebrate and educate on fair trade and issues surrounding trade justice.

This year we bring to light how supporting fair trade in our everyday consumer choices, on campuses and in our local shops, helps to support and EMPOWER the farmers and workers who work hard to provide the food and drink we consume, the clothes we wear, and the products we depend on every day.

73 Canadian campuses across 10 provinces are organizing engaging events from September 24-28 to bring light to issues surrounding trade justice and the work of Fairtrade. Official campaign hashtags are: #FTCW18 in English and #SCÉ18 in French. 

Together we can end exploitation – by campaigning to encourage everyone to choose Fairtrade.