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The First ever Youth in Climate Action Summit in Finland

Finland Helsinki, Suomi
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
The Finnish Agenda2030 -Youth Group will organize the first and biggest Youth Climate Action Summit in Finland in the spring of 2019.The aim is to create space for all young people to voice their concerns about climate change and demand action from the current people in power. We believe that climate change is not just our problem, but it's a shared problem that need's urgent action.
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About The Finnish Agenda2030 -Youths

The Finnish Agenda2030 -youth group is part of the official Commission for Sustainable Development led by the Prime Minister of Finland. The Agenda2030 youths have two main tasks: Participate and accelerate the implementation of Agenda2030 in Finland by keeping the government accountable for the youth of Finland and spreading the knowledge and inspiring young people all over Finland in living more sustainable ways.

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