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The Food Forever Experience: NYC

United States of America New York, NY, USA
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
The Future Food Experience will be hosted by The Food Forever Initiative at Google's NYC office on 25 September 2018. Coinciding with the “​Global Day of Action​” on the Sustainable Development Goals, The Food Forever experience will challenge renowned and innovative chefs to create delicious, diverse dishes of the future.These chefs will conceive and prepare exciting new dishes using ingredients that could soon break into the mainstream of the food system, such as ulluco, amaranth and Bambara Groundnut. These and other lesser-known crops will be key in creating more resilient and sustainable food systems. This need is reflected in Target 2.5 of the Sustainable Development Goals, which calls on us all to conserve and make greater use of the diversity of the crops and animals we eat.   At the core of the Food program at Google, is a commitment to contributing to feeding the world sustainably through Food at work program leadership. When presented with the opportunity to support an event that aims to raise awareness on sustainable foods and food security, they gladly accepted. The world needs success stories and incentives to shift towards greater resilience in our food systems, and we’re so excited that our partners are committed to illustrating the artful and delicious opportunities that come with diversification.
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Organising Partners
The Food Forever Initiative, the Rediscovered Foods Initiative, Google, and Tender Greens Restaurant

About The Food Forever Initiative

The Food Forever Initiative​ is an awareness-raising campaign operated by the Crop Trust and Netherlands Government with support from high-level Champions from politics, business and civil society that have agreed to advocate for the biodiversity of our foods. The Food Forever Initiative works in support of Target 2.5 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Target 2.5 highlights the urgency of collecting, conserving and using the amazing array of diversity that exists within crops and livestock.