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About The Geneva Consensus Foundation

The Geneva Consensus Foundation enjoys ECOSOC Special Consultative Status since 2016 and is a UNSDSN Member since 2016.

Our goal is to contribute to World Polity and through the international consensus-building process put in place global partnership for sustainable development, ensure policy coherence for development and for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

We submit that the solutions for Sustainable development in the interconnected Global world- two multiple dimensional phenomenon, entail a significant paradigm shift towards systems analysis and matrix thinking to address inter-temporal effectiveness-efficiency-equity challenges for future generations. We believe Rio+20 has laid solid foundations for a paradigm shift. Unfortunately the lack of integrated systems thinking in most International/UN organizations prevents identification of solutions to contemporary global challenges.

Our infant Foundation aims to bridge this gap and we truly hope we will be able to make our modest contribution to global deliberations in shaping a global agenda to harness the power of globalization to advance inclusive, just and sustainable development, for enduring peace and progress.

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17 Partnerships for the Goals ALL SDGs