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Surfing For Good

New Zealand Christchurch
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
Estella Hungerford Yr 12, raising awareness for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) # 14 - Life Under the Ocean Estella has recently been selected to represent New Zealand at the World Youth Surf Champs in California in October. Alongside her sporting pursuits and expertise, she is aligning her learning programme, to see what difference she can make towards the SDG2030 - the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed on by The UN in 2016 and being reviewed this week in New York. Estella has a passion for the oceans and would love to surf all over the world. While her future is not yet decided, she has strong interests in science, the environment and sustainability and wants to combine these to make a difference. She is currently designing some apparel to wear while in California, representing NZ which will also promote SDG14 - Life Under the Ocean. She is also exploring what local and regional projects she can join and others she can instigate and drive, at school, in Christchurch and beyond, through which she can achieve her NCEA qualifications. Watch this space! #TeachSDGs #GlobalGoalsImages from Star.Kiwi  
14 Life Below Water

Growing For Good

New Zealand Christchurch
Number of people taking this action: 20-50
Haeata Community Campus’ garden is a creative canvas for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #2 Zero Hunger #11 Sustainable Communities #15 - Life On Land. The garden space has been designed after consultation with the Haeata community and is in the process of being planted out with various crops and plants with the wider purpose of becoming a space that nurtures growth and allows our community to experience the benefits of fresh produce.  Already the Haeata garden is a space where students of all ages and stages are able to engage in hands-on learning. Finding their own passions, and favourites within the garden. Planting, weeding, watering, constructing garden beds, building the garden shed, or harvesting the vegetables. The garden provides opportunities for many conversations about health and wellbeing, and for our students to learn about where food comes from, and how to care and nurture living things. Kaiako Naomi Smith oversees this space, and you can find her in the garden every day, “planting is in progress for crops which will be ready towards the end of the year or early next year. Our students get to be involved in every part of the growing journey and are trusted to care for and cultivate this space.” Naomi’s passion is constantly being passed onto those who are interested in the garden. Our hope is that the Haeata Community Campus garden becomes the starting point for seeking and developing knowledge about well-being; an outdoor classroom; and source of fresh produce for our students and families.   
2 Zero Hunger 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 15 Life on Land

Collaboration key to the creation of new innovation to re-use plastic waste.

New Zealand Christchurch
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
Designer-in-residence, Michael Fox and Haeata Community Campus ākonga are teaming up to create a solution to re-use plastic waste. This collaboration aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) # 11 Sustainable Communities, #12 Responsible Consumption & Production & #17 Partnerships for the Goals There has been a new addition to our Maker Space here at Haeata Community Campus, designer Michael Fox from Objet D’Fox has taken up residence whilst he works on an exciting project. Michael is creating a machine which turns plastic waste into filament for 3D printers.  Haeata has three 3D printers which are constantly in use with students creating, tweaking and revising designs for numerous projects including rockets, jewellery and more. With each finished 3D printed design there are many drafts, revisions and reprints. “The process itself creates a lot of waste,” says student Ethan Matten, currently in year 10. For Ethan the access to 3D printing technology and his passion for understanding, using and fixing technology have combined with student-created, self-directed learning. “I’ve taught myself how to fix the 3D printers when they malfunction and like to see how things work.” Having a designer in residence has given Ethan a chance to see all side of the design process, “the machine that Michael is making will help reduce our waste.”Designing and testing his product in the Maker Space environment and including Haeata students in the process allows Michael to speed up the testing phase. Students naturally test things and push boundaries, all of this helps to provide feedback and refine the material for Michael’s process. “The more minds focused on it the more results we’ll get and the quicker we’ll get to them” says Michael.  There is a PledgeMe campaign which aims to fund the production of a set of machines or a facility which can take waste plastic and turn it into a useful material for schools, homes and maker spaces in New Zealand. We look forward to seeing the progress as the process is refined, and also to see what other inspired ideas come from the Haeata and Objet D’Fox collaboration.   
11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 17 Partnerships for the Goals
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Objet D'Fox

Connecting Haeata students with free wifi in their homes

New Zealand Christchurch, New Zealand
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
ConnectEd - connecting Haeata students with free wifi in their homes, supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) # 4 - Quality Education, #10 Reduced Inequalities, #17 Partnerships An innovative partnership between the private sector and Crown agencies is providing free access to digital education from the comfort of their homes for hundreds of students at Haeata Community Campus. After months of planning, setting up and testing the equipment, Haeata principal Andy Kai Fong today announced that over 360 students in 190 homes across Aranui in Christchurch’s east will now have free wifi access for their school learning. According to the last census, over 40% of the Aranui community did not have access to the internet. The project is coordinated by the Greater Christchurch School Network Trust on behalf of Haeata and supported by Chorus, Cyclone, Crown agency Network for Learning (N4L) and the Ministry of Education. “Our mission is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to meet their potential and in today's connected world that means that learning takes place 24/7, not just at school,“ said Steve Wakefield, the chairman of Greater Christchurch Schools’ Network Trust. “Children need to have internet connectivity in their homes to maximise their learning, and ensure that they are not left behind, and this project sets out to prove that this goal is feasible and cost-effective to achieve." Principal Kai Fong said that internet and devices are a luxury that many of our whānau cannot afford. “This creates a huge disadvantage for these families and this initiative aims to bridge that digital divide.” All Haeata students between Breezes Road, Pages Road, Wainoni Road and Anzac Drive will be able to access the school network through 66 wireless points installed by Chorus staff across that area. “We are incredibly grateful to Chorus for providing the infrastructure and N4L for setting up the Managed Network and filtering software that will provide the same safe digital learning experience our student get at school,” said the principal. Mr Kai Fong explained that the project is specifically designed to give the students access to the school network but is not meant to provide free internet to the families. “The students will have the same restrictions on their device as they have at school so they won’t be able to use it to stream Netflix or play Fortnite.” The Greater Christchurch Schools Network is working closely with the community to promote the new network and provide information about financing solutions to help families purchase a device for their learner. “Digital technology is rapidly changing our society, so we want our education system and our students to be increasingly digitally-enabled to prepare them for the future ahead of them,” said Mr Kai Fong. “This initiative will be invaluable for a large group of students who may otherwise not have been able to fully explore and exploit the opportunities Haeata has to offer.”  
4 Quality Education 10 Reduced Inequalities 17 Partnerships for the Goals
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Chorus N4L GCSN The Rata Foundation Cyclone

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