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Number of people taking this action: 50-250
Habitat Association is going to organized an awareness and networking workshop about 'Sustainable Development Goals'. To see the details please follow on this link: http://habitatdernegi.org/haber/surdurulebilir-kalkinma-icin-kuresel-hedefler-atolyesi-katilimcilarini-ariyor.html/  
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Habitat Association

About Habitat Association

Habitat Association is a non-governmental organization working in the field of sustainable development.Habitat which aims to increase the role of individuals in the sustainable development,was established in 1997 with the result of the inspirations gained by a group of activists at the Copenhagen Social Development Summit in 1995 and United Nations Habitat II Summit.The establishment vision of Habitat is to establish a communication bridge between world youth and Turkey youth.According to this vision,Habitat develops many projects and programs that contribute to sustainable development by increasing capacity of children,women,disabled and disadvantaged groups as well as young people.

Since 1997,Habitat has been working with many multinational partners as well as with governments, local governments, private sector and non-governmental organizations in carrying out their work throughout Turkey.Visa Europe, Microsoft,Samsung,Turkey Vodafone Foundation,Turk Telekom Group, Facebook and Cisco Network Academy are some partners that Habitat collaborates.Habitat which had been also a member of United Nations Economic and Social Council before, is also a strategic partner of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Habitat also supports the United Nations Development Goals with its works.

Habitat is working on 5 different fields; “Information and Communication Technologies”,”Governacy”, ”Financial Awareness”, “Rural Development” and “Entrepreneurship”. Within all these fields,Habitat is targeting to increase youth participation in sustainable development process.Under to these programs Habitat is developing many studies about social adaptation,capacity building about financial management and digital skills,entrepreneurship towards youth and youth migrants in Turkey.

For 21 years,Habitat is working on the field of youth participation. Within the implementation period of Local Agenda 21, Habitat have been active in the field as a facilitator for foundation process of city councils,youth councils in Turkey.

Since 2004,Habitat have been running the secretariat of National Youth Parliament in Turkey. Within this youth network,organizations from very parts of Turkey, which has different socio-cultural characteristics,can have opportunities to be represented.