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The Global Action Mosaic is an all inclusive project that aims to crowdsource efforts and collect data around the Global Goals, meaning anyone from a farmer working in the fields of Pakistan using clean energy to women creating more gender equal systems are invited to be part of the mosaic. Ultimately, the goals of the Global Action Mosaic are simple: 1) Harness and showcase the power of ordinary people doing extraordinary things through crowdsourcing projects globally around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 2) Be part of the effort to track and measure progress made towards the SDGs globally. 3) Make the SDGs famous! Only by raising awareness around the SDGs and their importance could we really have a chance of achieving them. Timeline: The goal is to present this Global Action Mosaic annually during the Global Goals week in September, launching in 2018 and adding progress until 2030. Why? In order to make the Global Goals a reality, everyone needs to be involved; governments, non-profit organizations, private sector, civil society and of course, you and me. The Global Action Mosaic will highlight projects and initiatives done globally by ordinary people.  We want to inspire citizens to get involved by creating a space where they can volunteer, advocate for and support an existing project or create one themselves. How? By providing an online open space where ordinary citizens can share one or multiple project(s) on how they are part of the community addressing the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Humanitarian Tracker will collect the data from submission and visualize it according to location and goal. Join us as we amplify voices of ordinary people doing extraordinary things!  Submit your project at Twitter: @actionmosaic  Follow the progress @HNTracker @actionmosaic #actionmosaic Facebook: Humanitariantracker/actionmosaic
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Humanitarian Tracker is a non-profit organization established in 2011 with the mission to connect and empower citizens by crowdsourcing information around health, education, development and conflict, using innovation in technology for humanitarian events. In 2016, we were selected as a top global innovation for addressing the Sustainable Development Goals and featured at the Solutions Summit, hosted at the United Nations. Building on our experiences and the momentum born out of the Solutions Summit, we want to showcase projects of ordinary people doing extraordinary things around the world by crowdsourcing activities and projects supporting the Global Goals.

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