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Germany Speyer
Number of people taking this action: 20-50
As international acting organisation with the objective to promote technical and scientifical knowledge and support sustainable development projects in many developpoing countries but also in the local European countries, Ingenieure ohne Grenzen, specifically the Mannheim regional group support by the Berlin national headoffice  aims to actively participate to the Sustainable Development Goals Day 2018 to inform about the impact of plastic rejection in the local water ecosystem and beyond the water life in the world´s seas. As concrete SDG action, IoG will be present directly on September 25th in the city center of Speyer with a booth. With a mix of technical data related to the plastic consumption and plastic waste management related to the intense plastic use, but also with an outlook regarding  its impact on the water world. Speyer being an attractive mid-sized city located directly on the Rhine and surrounded by many water and natural reservoirs areas, IoG wants to directly inform the local population. Target is to raise and sensibilize the inhabitants and impact their daily life behaviour.  The action should also include a earning games, media and water parcours, as well as a booth in the pedestrian zone. Further information to be provided in the next update.    
6 Clean Water & Sanitation 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 14 Life Below Water
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IoG - Regional Gruppe Mannheim

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IOG is an international help organisation acting in the scope of technical partnership and development cooperations with a global sustainability objective. It was founded 1982 in France. IOG is exclusively financed via crowdfunding and donations.

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6 Clean Water & Sanitation 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 14 Life Below Water