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Following our participation in the Global Action Festival for Sustainable Development Goals organized by the United Nations Office for the SDGs in March 2018 in Bonn, Germany, we are committed to bringing this torch and bringing the SDGs closer to the the Moroccan public. On this occasion, the 25th of September marking the 3rd anniversary of the 2030 Agenda was an excellent context to seize to launch our initiative Fly Above Morocco which aims to turn Morocco with a flag of the ODDs which will be transported from an organization of the society to another, with the aim of creating maximum impact by organizing events around the SDGs in other parts of the Kingdom. Given this context, the launch will take place in Tangiers, the pearl of the Mediterranean on September 22 and 23 in partnership with the Youth & Change initiative and the Tangier Young Leaders Council, with a group of high school students and a group of young students. to familiarize them with the SDGs and assess their applicability in the region.
Organising Partners
Among others: Tangier : Youth & Change, Yed fl'yed (ALC club), Tangier Leadership Program, Ibn Batouta High school and Youth medieteraneans association Tatouan : Aiesec Tetouan, JCI Tetouan Rabat/ Salé: Global Shapers Salé, JCI Rabat Kenitra : 4Chabab

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Founded in 2018 at the initiative of a group of young Moroccans and headquartered in Rabat, the "International Youth Council of Morocco" in short "IYC MOROCCO" is an NGO affiliated to the global network of International Youth Councils, present in 32 countries around the world since its inception at the 4th World Youth Assembly at UN headquarters in New York.

The organization's goal is to build capacity, promote sustainable development goals, and educate young people and civil society members who are passionate about positive change to build a strong network of the next generation of leaders.

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