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I am Hanen Trabelsi. I am a university teacher at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sousse Tunisia. From my position as a professor, I have been actively involved in the civil society through the participation in different associations and taking part in the organization of workshops and trainings as an active member in One Step Forward Association. I have done a couple of months ago a series of workshops for pupils, students as well as young workers in order to raise their awareness about objective number 5 in the SDGs which is "Gender Equality". Hence, I will be posting future events on all my social media and above all Facebook (as the most used social media amongst Tunisian youth). I will do an extensive online marketing to the events I will shedule so that to attract as many participants as I can. So, my Facebook link can be the major platform on which I will be targeting my audience/participants.
4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities
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One Step Forward and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Sousse, Tunisia

About Hanen Trabelsi/One Step Forward

One Step Forward is a non-profit association that aims at inspiring and empowering Tunisian youth, through the implementation of many workshops about various topics and the organization of trainings as well as conferences in order to involve the maximum of young citizens in the civil society.

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4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities