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Let your students be agents of change! Join the 1st ever Global Innovation Camp tailored for students! Registration to the Global Innovation Camp is now open! Registration Link:  Download the online camp resources at: Do you want to run your own camp at school? Download our the Kids Can Innovation Camp Toolkit and worksheets, which are also available in more than 10 international languages. Visit: More info at: and    

About Kids Can! Innovation Camp

At the heart of “Kids Can! Innovation Camp” is the goal of involving, engaging and providing children and young learners the opportunity to become critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and active agents of change. The journey towards the goal starts with empathy. Kids Can! is rooted on project-based learning, the art of Making, Sustainable Development Goals, passion-based learning, and design-thinking. It's not just about STEAM or STEM! It is E+STEAM, as we add "E" for empathy to achieve a person-centered and values-driven approach to innovation.

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