Govt. PDDU Divisional Public Library , Kota (Rajasthan)

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About Govt. PDDU Divisional Public Library , Kota (Rajasthan)

Govt. Divisional Public Library is a very ancient library of Kota city which was initially started as "Mobile Van Library" to serve the citizens living in different remote zones of Kota but after passing few periods it is started working as established library in year 1956 at the rental basis in famous "DANMAL HAWELIā€¯. Later on it is shifted in Nayapura Bagh area in own govt. availed building on free basis in 1970. In 1984 Library again shifted in UIT Building due to some administrative decisions taken by that time working collector and finally own library building Hand-over to Doordarshan Kendra. So again in year 2004 library is shifted to UIT buildings first floor to ground floor. From 2004, after Re-shifting library run up to June 2013 in that building but with financial assistance of Rs. 50 lakh by RRRLF and 10.64 Lakh from Department of language and library , Rajasthan Jaipur we will able to shift in New Building situated in In-front of income tax residential colony , CAD Colony campus , Kota. Now Govt. PDDU Divisional Public Library is running well from new building since July 2013 independently. After the 61 years library Name has been changed from Govt. Divisional Public Library Kota to Govt. PDDU Divisional Public Library, Kota Rajasthan.