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Education for citizenship, international solidarity and sustainable development

France Lille
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
We will show our main actions and how we engage for SDGs
4 Quality Education 13 Climate Action 17 Partnerships for the Goals

About le Partenariat

Le Partenariat is a French NGO based in Lille, Northern France, which has been working in the field of international solidarity for more than 30 years. Originally, the organization is strongly connected with the twinning cities of Lille and Saint Louis in Senegal. From this point on, le Partenariat has carried out development projects in Senegal, such as PAEMS Programme (Access to Water in Schools Programme).

In 2006, le Partenariat created a Development Education Centre : Centre Gaïa opens its doors to children, students and adults in order to bring awareness on citizenship, international solidarity and sustainable development. All the activities and workshops we facilitate are based on active pedagogy or "learning by doing". One of the very innovative tools we have created is the immersive workshop: a 300 square meters reproduction of a Senegalese village and a Senegalese town where students take part in a three hour-role play. Through this unique means, children become the main actors of their learning. We promote tolerance, understanding and respect of other cultures.

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1 No Poverty 4 Quality Education 6 Clean Water & Sanitation 10 Reduced Inequalities 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 13 Climate Action 17 Partnerships for the Goals