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Let´s end poverty

Argentina Capitán Bermúdez, Santa Fe, Argentina
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1 No Poverty

About Maria Jose Giavedoni

I am an English teacher from Argentina. I also have a degree in ICT for education and Socioeducative Studies. Besides, I am a Microsoft Innovator Educator, MIE Master trainer and guest speaker. I teach in public primary and high schools. In 2017 I started to work with global projects integrating technology in the classroom and giving students access to quality of education developing 21st century skills. I was selected to represent her country in E2 -Singapour because of her work. Currently, I am working on my new project on substainable goal 1 “Let´s End Poverty” which gives the opportunity to reflect on and take action developing 21st century skills which include collaboration, knoweldge building, ICT for learning, problem-solving and skilled communication.

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