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Danube for Peace

Serbia Belgrade and Novi Sad
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
DANUBE for PEACE is DIGITAL, INFORMATION, MEDIA, PEACE and Information literacy project with the focus in the INNOVATIVE, STRATEGIC AND PERMANENT CREATIVE AND EDUCATIONAL partnership/networking for sustainable development. We would like to implement all positive results from our previous projects. Danube for Peace involving Organizations, Schools and Institutions Primary from Danube Region but we are open for partners from the Western Balkans, South East Europe and all other Countries around the World.Working exclusively in educational environments of all categories, Danube for Peace produces lively, vibrant films and videos that celebrate best practices, great teaching, innovation, and promote pedagogical reform. Our work is designed to explain, start and nudge conversations, and advocate for the best ideas in education and learning. For participation in the next workshop please use our contact form HERE  
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The Media Education Centre (MEC) for children, youth and adults is a nonpolitical, nonprofit, nonsectarian NGO. People from different socio-cultural backgrounds work together converting and translating ideas and opinion in creative Media Language and Produce Film, Animation, Radio, Television and other Digital Media with main goal to ADVANCE Communication, Social Change, Intercultural-Interfaith Dialogue, Social Inclusion, Gender Equality, Ecological Wisdom and Social Responsible Development. Our work promotes the Global Education, Vocational Education and Training, New Media Education/Pedagogy for Children, Young Adults, Disabled People, Migrants, Refugees and people from other vulnerable groups. Media, Information and Peace education and literacy support our effort to promote Communication, Cooperation and Peace and to ensure promotion and implementation of human and children’s rights, media and information democracy, self-expression and preservation of cultural, national and religious diversity.

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