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3 Good Health & Well-Being 6 Clean Water & Sanitation 9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 17 Partnerships for the Goals
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Inspire Nurses Network Africa (INNA) National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America (NANNNA) Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria.


Nurses on Air Foundation is Africa’s first ever media broadcasting platform for professional nurses. We are a non-governmental, non-political and non-partisan nursing organization based in Nigeria, with unquenchable passion for leading Africa in the noble cause of raising the profile and status of nursing towards achieving the SDGs.

Our organization’s mission is to transform the public’s understanding of the role of nurses by promoting more truthful, well-adjusted and reliable media portrayals of nurses; and more importantly, powerfully influencing health behaviors among the populace through multi-media synergies and innovative collaborations, with special focus on illness prevention, wellness promotion, health education, and evidence based research and advocacy.

Our vision is to become Africa’s foremost nursing media advocacy platform, positioning nurses as a leading force for positive influence in public health transformation.

The designated mandate of the Nurses on Air Media Crew is to invent media innovations and strategies, using the power of telenursing, media broadcasting and multimedia audio-visual tools, especially the use of and trans-media storytelling and serial health dramas to revolutionize public health systems and services, and positively impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities around the globe.

All the media projects of Nurses on Air Foundation are centered on the United Nations SDGs, specifically Goal 3 – Health and Well-being, a core area of expertise for nurses; and Goal 5 – Gender Equality, considering that a huge population of nursing professionals in Africa comprises of the female gender; as well as Goal 6, 9 and 17.

Among the ongoing media innovation and strides embarked on within the last 2 years are:

The Nurses on Air Radio show, an audience-engagement online radio show specifically designed for professional nurses. This has been consistently aired on Africa’s foremost Online Health Radio – for the past 18 months.

The “Generation Next” project, a capacity building and nursing talent discovery podium established to help unearth and harness the natural talents of nurses, empowering them to explore and maximize such for professional re-branding, while focusing on the immense benefits to clients, patients and families.

The “Nurses and Your Health” Radio & TV Talk Shows are a modern day, audience-engaging media broadcasting, multi-media tools and ICT tool designed to close the communication gap between nurses and the public, with special focus on home-based health interventions using the power of Tele-nursing. The project was “official unveiled” on MAY 12, 2018 (International Nurses Day)

“Saving Lives” is a Tele-nursing and Emergency Nursing Response section of the “Nurses and Your Health Show” combining the power of the Media with Information Communication Technology (ICT).

An ICT based and media-driven health solution innovation maximizing the power of Tele-nursing, E-Health and Telecommunication to focus specially on illness prevention, first aid intervention, health counseling, health education, health promotion, health advocacy, early detection and speedy health referral.

The concept was borne out of a burning desire to explore the huge potential of the large nursing workforce in the country towards the prevention and reduction in deaths arising from urgent cardiovascular and respiratory distress related conditions, , maternal and child health emergencies and few other life threatening or death dealing acute illnesses.

“Everyday Heroes” is contemporary visual animation and trans-media storytelling tool focusing on the challenging and intriguing events in the everyday life of a nurse. With the ongoing work, the project is set to be officially unveiled in November 2018 and launched at the 2019 International Nurses Week.

The “One Nurse, One Neighborhood” campaign is the latest social media campaign for urban cities designed alongside a mobile nursing clinic and medical outreach campaign for rural communities.

The project focuses on the crucial roles of nurses in championing causes that promote PHC (Primary Health Care Services) and UHC (Universal Health Coverage), while exploring opportunities for nurses to collaborate with communities, policy makers, stake holders and the government.
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3 Good Health & Well-Being 5 Gender Equality 9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 17 Partnerships for the Goals