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Too often consumers are left at a disadvantage with the companies and governments they encounter, leaving them exposed to unsafe, unfair or unethical practice. We want to change this and ensure that the voice of consumers is as powerful as the governments and corporations they interact with. With our members, partners and consumers around the world, we're challenging unfair, unsafe and unethical practice to ensure all consumers are treated safely, fairly and honestly.
12 Responsible Consumption & Production
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Multidisciplinary institution for Strategic Studies, Political Analysis, Research and Education for the Promotion of Democracy, Human Rights, International Development, international relations, cooperation, and socio-cultural exchanges, international solidarity and the dialogue of civilizations and religions.The institute aims to promote Democracy, Good Governance and International Development and it will also try to deepen and enrich the debate on the Euro-Arab and Euro-Mediterranean issues on democratization and stability within the Arab and Islamic countries and Africa, the phenomenon of terrorism, the Israeli-Arab socio-cultural exchanges, economic and investment, etc.

A Space for Education and Research for the Promotion of Democracy and Development, International Relations and Cooperation.The Nations Institute also aims the promotion of the development,The dialogue of civilizations and religions,Human and Refugees Rights Education,Strengthening the protection women migrant workers in the context of globalization,Freedom of Opinion, Press, the right of speech & the information technology, and the communication.

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12 Responsible Consumption & Production