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Change of the Society

Pakistan Federally Administered Tribal Area, Pakistan
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
1 No Poverty 2 Zero Hunger 3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 13 Climate Action 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions


FATA Youth Organization (FYO) came into existence on 21st January 2014. FYO is a non-

political & non-governmental organization. Shoukat Aziz is the central president and

originator of this organization. In account of the current situation of FATA Youth it is the

fervent demand to establish organization for the FATA Youth to facilitate them in their

education and social sectors. The fundamental aim of organization is to provide free

education for needy students, educational & peace awareness seminars, session’s

debates, & conventions, free coaching academy, FATA green talent award, FATA green

talent test.

FATA Youth Organization is an NGO registered with the Fata Secretariat Directorate of

Social Welfare, KPK Government and under the registration process SECP.

We lead positive social change in FATA and to prepare young people the

ambassador of peace and justice.

To improve the lives of FATA People through education, awareness, basic

human rights and access to social justice.

To spread education in FATA & illuminate and nourish the mind of indigent

& deprive children of FATA with the light of knowledge.

To serve day & night for FATA Youth to provide them free education & bring

the mid-way leaving school student to school.

To reconstruct all the educational institutions & make it secure unless required

To adjust all FATA Youth in other institutions of the country.

Campaign for Human Rights, Law and Reform in FATA.

Campaign for anti drugs.

Campaign for IDP’s Children’s Education.

Campaigm for poor & Orphans Education.

Mental Health.


FATA Youth Organization aims to mobilize civil society and local communities to

advocate for political reform in FATA, improve understanding of FATA governance

issues and laws contradict fundamental freedoms through in-depth research,

raise awareness about the need for political reform in FATA and Approaches to

Aware FATA Citizens about FATA Reforms. We conducted 08 awareness and

mobilization sessions with youth group, journalists and political leadership on

FATA governance reforms to share the research findings, and mobilize the partici-

pants to demand political and governance reforms in FATA.

FATA Youth Organization believes that education is a strong tool to get rid of

impoverish, gender trait, empower communities. We believe that education is

the most precious asset. We work cordially to promote FATA Education

programmes. In this regard we have done a lot of different sessions, ran different

campaign, arranged free tuitions, distributed school bags, books and other

facilities related to school accessories.

At FATA Youth Organization we certain that health is a real wealth. Our main goal

is to promote health in those sorts of areas where there is no approach of health

technical assistance and programme development.

FATA Youth Organization works to empower FATA women and girls by promoting

gender equalities. We believe this is a fundamental human right of FATA women

and girls.


FATA Youth Organization provides foods and logistic assistance to people of FATA

in need such as survivors and refugees.